Icelandic Sheepskin Long Hair Cushion - Square 35x35cm

Dark Grey
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Don’t these three Icelandic Sheepskin Long Haired Cushions look great together? Oh, you want your sofa to look like this – Ok, then take a look at our Sheepskin Cushion range. These long-haired cushions are sourced from Icelandic sheep, who roamed the hills and valleys of Iceland – one side is made from this sheepskin and the other from soft fabric that matches the colour of the hair. Complement any living space by adding these Icelandic cushions to your sofa or window seat! The benefits that sheepskin have are endless, it retains warmth, they're antibacterial and help aid sleep - so why not add the finishing touch to your bed! 

Icelandic Sheepskin Long Hair Cushion - Square 35x35cm
- Brand: Nordvek
- Style: Icelandic Sheepskin Cushion
- Material: 100% Icelandic Sheepskin
- Size: 35cm x 35cm
- Features: Buy in packs of 1,2,3 or 4, 3x colours, hypoallergenic polyester filling - for supreme comfort