Premium Natural Sheepskin Rug - Single Pelt

This 100% natural sheepskin rug will look great on your living room floor in front of the fire wouldn’t it? This single pelt is made from one sheep, making it one of our most durable rugs. With its natural colour, it will go with any room setting - Be it on a rustic stone floor to keep your toes warm or used as a sheepskin throw to go over a sofa/armchair. This versatile short haired rug isn't just easy on the eye, it has many other benefits such as repelling bacteria, keeping warmth in while keeping the cold out. Did you know Sheepskin can actually help promote a relaxed night's sleep, so why not drape over your bed?

Sheepskin Rug - Natural Sheepskin Rug Short Hair
- Brand: Nordvek
- Style: Single Pelt Sheepskin Rug
- Material: 100% Sheepskin
- Size: Small - Super
Small - Approx Length: 85cm - up to 4.90 sq ft
Medium - Length: 90cm - up to 5.70 sq ft
Large - Length: 95cm - up to 6.70 sq ft
X-Large - Length: 100cm - up to 7.90 sq ft
Super - Length: 105cm - 8.00 sq ft upwards
- Features: 5x sizes available, single pelt, premium all natural 100% sheepskin, Grade A, soft short hair, match your rug to our cushions 

- The softest single sheepskin rugs out there - well, that's what our customers tell us! Choose from our premium natural sheepskin rug selection. Over the years Nordvek has sold 100’s of these traditional rugs which are fashioned from only select premium quality hides, designed and made for pure comfort and warmth – these are the perfect winter companion. We stock natural and rare breed sheepskins in various sizes so please take note that each rug is different in shape, size and pattern so no two will be the same – meaning yours will be unique.
- As with the nature of all-natural sheepskin products, colours may vary slightly from pictures shown above as these are their natural colour.