Natural Spanish Curly Hair Sheepskin Rug - Each One Is Unique - Pick Your Exact Rug!

Fancy the look of this 100% Spanish sheepskin rug? Well this particular one can be yours! That’s right, they are so unique it's hard to generalise them. The softest and curliest of hairs, each hide is completely different and completely 100% genuine Spanish. This rug is so soft to touch due to its natural lanolin. The ideal chair sheepskin throw! Want to finish off your living room - well we also have Spanish curly haired cushions to match, so make your house a home.

Curly Hair Sheepskin Rug - Spanish Short Fur
- Brand: Nordvek
- Style: Sheepskin Rug
- Material: 100% Spanish Sheepskin
- Size: One Size
- Features: Premium 100% Spanish sheepskin, soft short curly hair, every rug is unique, match your rug to our cushions.