Icelandic Sheepskin Seat Pad - Natural Shape 50x40cm

Dark Grey
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Your Dining Room Chairs a tad uncomfortable – Guessing they are in need of some Nordvek Icelandic Sheepskin Seat Pads! Because the sheepskin fur is so thick, these seat pads are unbelievably comfortable. No worry about it slipping, as the backing is made from 100% suede – so place on any surface! With their natural shape and 3 colours to select from, makes these Icelandic Sheepskin seat pads not only a necessity but a stylish addition to your dining room. All skins are sourced from Icelandic sheep who roamed the valleys and hills of Iceland – these are dirt and bacteria resistant. But not only are these beautiful to look at, sheepskin can also help regulate body temperature, has self-cleaning qualities and can help with relaxed sleep!

Icelandic Sheepskin Seat Pad - Natural Shape 35cm x 42cm
- Brand: Nordvek
- Style: Sheepskin Seat Pad
- Material: 100% Icelandic Sheepskin
- Size: Approx 35cm x 42cm
- Features: Buy in packs of 1,2,3 or 4, 3x colours, natural shape