June 21, 2019 1 min read

Our NORDVEK Stall is everywhere this summer!

Last Saturday we had a pitch at the Todmorden Agricultural Society Annual Show, doing what we do best - Selling sheepskin, leather and all things natural.

Cloud and a little bit of rain couldn’t keep us away!
Todmorden Agricultural Society Annual Show Logo for Nordvek Blog
Nordvek stall at Todmorden Agricultural Society Annual Show
This was Nordvek's first time attending the Todmorden Agricultural Show, but for many others this will be a regular occurrence - especially since it started in 1870. That’s nearly 150 years! And it's still going strong.
picture of todmorden agricultural show in 1985 for nordvek blog post
picture of todmorden agricultural show today for nordvek blog post
These events are a great way to actually see and feel our products in the flesh! Below are the Events and dates Nordvek will be attending, so why not come and see us?
23rd – Huby & Sutton Agricultural- https://www.hubyandsuttonshow.org.uk/
29th – TodmordenGame & Country-https://todmordengameandcountryfair.co.uk/
30th – Arthington Show- https://arthingtonshow.co.uk/

6-7th – Winerton Show - http://wintertonshow.co.uk/show
6th – Goosenagh & Londridge - https://www.glashow.org.uk/
14th – The Ashby Show - https://www.ashbyshow.com/
20th – Bishop Wilton Show - https://www.bishopwiltonshow.com/
20th – Bingley Show - http://www.bingleyshow.co.uk/
21st – Coniston Country Fair - http://conistoncountryfair.co.uk/
28th – Weeton Show - https://weetonshow.co.uk/
Below are a selection of our leather goods! Bags, purses, wallets and belts.
We also have a range of sheepskin rugs, chamois, insoles, gloves, mittens and baby puddies.
leather goods from Nordvek at todmorden show 2019
If you're around, come check us out!

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