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As you may be aware, the Tour De France starts again on Sat, 6 Jul 2019 – Sun, 28 Jul 2019.

Being based in Yorkshire, we were very proud and honoured when they cycled through Leeds in 2014. We were out in full force that day, supporting and cheering them all on - even our office dog (Charlie) helped.
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Did You Know - The Tour de France started in 1903 and we are now heading into the 107th edition? Also, it was put on hold in 1915-1918 because of the First World War and again in 1940-1946 for the second!

Below are a couple of photos of when we watched them in Leeds :)
tour de yorkdhire France cyclists riding up hill - Nordvek blog  tour de Yorkshire France cyclists - Nordvek blog
crowds watching tour de France in Yorkshire 2014 for nordvek blog
Last Years Winner - Geraint Thomas, is from Great Britain and is also competing in this years race! So we will definitely be watching, will you?
geraint thomas winner of tour de france 2019 - nordvek blog
Who are the British riders to look out for at the Tour de France 2019? 


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The Tour de Yorkshire -  Was on 2nd-5th May this year and they came through our home town :)
Did you watch?

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