Pack Of Leather Conditioner & Cleaner - Liniment No.1 & 2


Pack of Leather Conditioner & Cleaner - Liniment No.1 & 2
- Brand: Chamberlains
- Directions: Apply Cleaner first to deep clean your leather and follow up with the Conditioner to replenish it’s oils to maintain that healthy glow for all your quality leather items ¬
- Details: Conditioner No.1 - This environmentally friendly recipe is a natural, water-based concoction of vital oils & nutrients. Cleaner No.2 - is a mild blend of water, alcohol and other non-alkaline cleaning ingredients. It gently removes stains, spills, spots, and other substances that damage leather. Both for use on shoes, bags, boots, purse & wallets, luggage, jackets
- Benefits: Absorbs gently, replenishing natural oils and bringing your quality leather back from the dead to near new condition. Keep your leather healthy, supple and soft for decades to come. Cleans, conditions and refreshes
- Size: 2x 6oz Bottle
- Fastening: Screw Top
- Comes with 2x free reusable cotton pads