Mens Sheepskin Gloves - Classic 3 Point Design

Would you think these Mens gloves are only made from 4 pieces of thick genuine sheepskin? Well, they are! Meaning there is less room for air, so will keep your hands warmer than other patched gloves. With their natural heat retaining qualities and their classic outer suede 3-point design, makes these mens real sheepskin gloves the perfect winter companion. Not only are they modish but they will complement any outfit, yes Guys we are talking to you - style and comfort in one! Did you know that Sheepskin has other benefits than just retaining warmth and keeping out the cold...? It will not shed as its 100% natural due to being attached to the skin, it also adjusts to its surroundings and is flame resistant. Gees!

Mens Sheepskin Gloves - Classic 3 Point Design
- Brand: Nordvek
- Style: Mens Gloves
- Material: 100% Sheepskin
- Size: S-XL (8”-11”)

Model wears - Chestnut
Table - Black