Womens Long Sheepskin Cuff - Comes Above Wrist

Dark Chocolate
Venetian Grey
Require a posh pair of ladies’ sheepskin gloves? We have these genuine soft suede ones, with a 100% sheepskin lining to keep your fingers toasty. But no need to worry about being too hot with sweaty hands – as sheepskin naturally regulates your body temperature and absorbs moisture! Designed with an elongated cuff to protect your wrists from the Winter breeze and lace detail to add elegance. Not only will they make a beautiful addition to your wardrobe, but they are a very practical women’s glove.

Womens Long Sheepskin Cuff - Comes Above Wrist
- Brand: Nordvek
- Style: Womens Gloves
- Material: 100% Sheepskin
- Size: S-L (6”-8”)
- Features: Full palm design for better grip, 100% sheepskin outer cuff which can be folded, metal eyelets around wrist

Model on wall wears - Chestnut