Natural Sheepskin Rug - Non-Slip Backing

Looking for a 100% natural coloured sheepskin rug, with a non-slip back? Then look no further, we have 3 sizes available! No need to worry about it moving out of place, we have it covered. How about that statement piece with a large sheepskin rug wrapped around your coffee table? Or a simple small sheepskin rug to snuggle up to in front of the fire.. Well not only are these flame resistant but they also repel dirt and bacteria - The benefits that sheepskin supplies are endless! And that perfect natural cream coloured fleece will certainly compliment any setting.

Natural Sheepskin Rug - Non Slip Back Short Hair
- Brand: Nordvek
- Style: Single Sheepskin Rug
- Material: 100% Sheepskin
- Size: Small - Large
Small - Approx Length - 85cm
Medium - Length - 90cm
Large - Length - 95cm
- Features: 3x sizes available, match your rug to our cushions