Kids Natural Sheepskin Rug - Double Pelt

Is your kids bedroom missing this Nordvek double sheepskin rug? Luckily enough we have plenty to go around. With its natural cream colouring, its sure to go with any setting. Whether that’s draped over your kids bed to keep them warm in winter or to keep their toes toasty as a sheepskin rug. Not only is this short haired rug double the size, its double to the comfort - obviously. Did you know that sheepskin is proven to aid your sleep, contains natural moisturisers and is non-allergenic - Perfect for a kids bedroom right? 

Kids Natural Sheepskin Rug - Double Pelt
- Brand: Nordvek
- Style: Kids Double Pelt Sheepskin Rug
- Material: 100% Sheepskin
- Size: One Size
- Features: Premium all natural 100% sheepskin, soft short hair